March Madness, Hideaway-Style!

March Madness, Hideaway-Style!

Mar. 16, 2016

It's time for March Madness, Hideaway-style! Over the next 3 weeks, 16 of our most popular pizzas will go crust-to-crust in a series of fierce, vote-driven competitions. Which pie will rise to the top? That's up to you!

Here's how we'll find out:

1.) On each week day, at 1:00pm, look for the new match-up post on our Facebook page.

2.) Leave a comment stating your pick between those two pizzas.

3.) We'll close voting at 8:00pm, announce the winning pizza, AND award a $20 Hideaway gift certificate to a follower chosen at random from the winning comments!

That's 15 chances to win, as we the battle to discover the Hideaway Pizza Champion of 2016! Download a bracket HERE, and let's get started!